Hydroalcoholic sanitizer gel

Hand Sanitizer Gel Hydroalcoholic gel

Dispowipe Aloe

Wet wipe for body hygiene, without soap Wet wash wipe without soap; no need for water or rinsing

Disposin One Plus

Sponge for body hygiene without soap Larger, soap-free foam sponge; Individually packaged.

Disposin Glove Wash

Mitten without soap for body hygene A lightweight polyester wash fiber mitt without soap.

Dispoglove Wash

Soapy mitten for body hygene Wash mitt made of lightweight polyester fibre impregnated with soapy lotion.

Dispoglove Aloe Vera

Soapy mitten for body hygene Soap with aloe vera for moisturized, soft skin.

Dispofoam One Plus

Soapy Sponge for body hygiene A thicker, larger foam sponge; individually packaged.

Dispofoam One Aloe Vera

Soapy sponge for body hygene Soap with aloe vera that provides the skin with moisture and softness; Individually packaged.

Dispofoam one
Dispofoam One

Soapy sponge for body hygene An individually packaged foam sponge.

Dispofoam Aloe Vera

Soapy sponge for body hygene Soap with aloe vera that moisturizes and softens the skin.


Soapy sponge for body hygene A softer PU foam sponge.

Dispobaño Plus Compact

Soapy sponge for body hygene A thicker fibre sponge with compact packaging.

Dispobaño Shampoo-gel

Gel-shampoo 1000 ml bottle of shampoo-gel.

Dispobaño eau de cologne

Eau de cologne 1000 ml bottle of eau de cologne.

Dispobaño Body Milk

Body milk 1000 ml bottle of body milk.

Disposin Glove Wash Protect

Waterproof mitten without soap for body hygiene Lightweight polyester fiber wash mitt without soap; prevent contamination.

Dispobaño Maxi

Our thicker fibre sponge.


Soapy sponge for body hygene A thicker sponge impregnated in soap with more moisturizing properties.

Disposin One

Sponge for body hygiene without soap A foam sponge without soap; individually packaged.


Glowet dispoclorh

Mitt with 2% aqueous chlorhexidine Mitt with antiseptic solution

Dispoyod antiseptic solution 10%

10% Povidone Iodine solution

Dispoclorhex 4 Soap Scrub

4% Chlorhexidine soapy solution 4% soapy solution

Dispoclorhex 4 soap scrub sachet 20 ml

4% Chlorhexidine soap solution for antiseptic skin cleansing. 20 ml sachet for individually bathing

Nursing care

Bag for Ice

Bag for ice for cold therapy Soft, highly resistant and easy to apply.

Sport Jockstrap

Soft and Light

Moldable Supports

Moldable support for puncture sites.

Shoulder immobilizer in Blue non woven

Lightweight and breathable, made of non-woven fabric. Blue colour

Paediatric Limb holder

Very soft with the skin

Grey shoulder immobilizer

Padded bag for greater comfort. Dark grey colour

Child Elbow Immobilizer

Specialized for children, comfortable, light and breathable.

Clavicle Immobilizer

Padded straps and easy adjustment

Medical Devices

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves Powder free - AQL 1.5

Nitrile gloves

Examination gloves Powder free AQL 1.5

Latex Glove

Powder Free AQL 0.65

Disposable Bibs

Disposable bibs Disposable single use

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