Nursing care

The range of nursing products has been developed to provide the necessary functionality, with maximum efficiency for the healthcare professional and maximum comfort for the user.


Shoulder-arm immobilizers made of different soft and adaptable materials to cover therapeutic needs with maximum comfort and adaptability.

Shoulder immobilizer in Blue non woven

Lightweight and breathable, made of non-woven fabric. Blue colour

Mesh shoulder immobilizer

Lightweight and breathable, made of non-woven fabric and mesh.

Grey shoulder immobilizer

Padded bag for greater comfort. Dark grey colour

Neck/wrist immobilizer

Simple and quick use


Immobilization systems that ensure a firm hold because of the soft and resistant materials and functional design.

Paediatric Limb holder

Very soft with the skin

Security limb holder

Soft, breathable and resistant material with safety ring.

Fast Opening Limb Holder

Soft, breathable, durable material with Velcro adjustment

Comfort and security limb holder

Soft, breathable and highly resistant material.

Comfort limb holder

Soft, breathable, durable material with Velcro adjustment.


limb holder with hand protection

Limb holder with hole

Soft, breathable and resistant material, with a hole for the bands to pass through.

Child Elbow Immobilizer

Specialized for children, comfortable, light and breathable.

Clavicle Immobilizer

Padded straps and easy adjustment


Specially designed supporting elements to cover the needs in an efficient and functional way.

Perineal Fastening Belt confort

Perineal belt for perfect support in chair

Universal Jockstrap

Soft and Light

Moldable Supports

Moldable support for puncture sites.


Practic and easy to use

Telemetry Monitor Holder

for holding monitor and telemetry devices

Abdonimal Binder

Post-surgery abdominal support

Perineal Fastening Belt

Perineal belt for perfect support in chair

Abdominal Support Belt

Abdominal belt for perfect support in a chair or bed

Operating table restraint

Patient operating table fastening strap.

Normal Support Vest

Efficient and safe fastening

Extra Fastening Vest

Reinforced seams and four straps for versatile attachment of the patient to the framework.


Protective elements to avoid the appearance of bedsores on patients who have to endure long periods of immobilisation or patients with reduced mobility.

Opened Elbow Heel Protector

Open protector for better breathability

Foot-heel protector

Heel protection and bony prominences of the foot

Elbow-heel protector

Basic protection, reinforced as option

Anti-bedsore mattress

Mattress with waterproof polyamide cover

Dotted anti-bedsore pillow

100% Cotton and siliconized polyester fibre lining

Anti-bedsore pillow

Comfortable and breathable. Available in different shapes


Elements that provide hygiene and comfort for certain hospital procedures.

Operation Table Cover

Comfort and fluid absorption

Confort Braun Splint Cover

Increased comfort


Elements developed to protect or be used in medical-health therapies or interventions. Developed with the most suitable materials to offer effective functionality and patient comfort.

Eye protector with rear support

Anatomical rear support

Bag for Ice

Soft, highly resistant and easy to apply.

Eye Protector

adjustable in head circumference and height

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