The CV Médica antisepsis products have been developed for the adequate disinfection of hands and skin of health professionals and patients, mainly before a surgical procedure.

Antiseptic Liquids

A wide range of antiseptics for hand washing and disinfection by healthcare professionals and skin washing and disinfection for patients as required by healthcare protocols.

Dispomedic Soap

0,8% Chlorhexidine soapy solution

Dispoclorhex 4 soap scrub sachet 20 ml

20 ml sachet for individually bathing

Alco-aloe solution

Hydroalcoholic Solution

Surgical Scrub Brush

Sponge brush for hand and nail washing by technical and healthcare personnel. Suitable for surgical hand washing.

Brush/Dispenser Metal Brackets

Anti-corrosion metal

Disposcrub C 4% CLX

Sponge Brush Impregnated with 4% Chlorhexidine

Dispomedic Scrub Dry

Dry scrub brush

Dispomedic P Scrub 7,5% PVP

Sponge Brush Impregnated with Povidone 7.5%.

Dispomedic Scrub C Plus 0.8% CLX

Sponge Brush Impregnated with 0,8% Chlorhexidine

Surgical Sponge

Sponges for pre-operative patient antisepsis. Skin-friendly, they minimize the risk of irritation and abrasion, reducing the risk of infection. For healthy skin; single-use only.

Disposcrub Sponge C

Surgical wash sponge with 4% chlorhexidine digluconate

Dispomedic Sponge C Plus

Surgical wash sponge with 0.8% chlorhexidine digluconate

Mitt with colourless aqueous antiseptic

Mitt with colourless aqueous antiseptic solution of 2% chlorhexidine digluconate. Antiseptic wash for healthy skin

Glowet dispoclorh

Mitt with antiseptic solution

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