… Don’t drown me!
… Don’t drown me!
… let’s take it by parts!
… let’s take it by parts!
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… Respect the principle of equity!
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Synthetic support impregnated with dry soap for personal hygiene when moistened with water.

Fibre Sponges

Soft substrate made of synthetic textile fibres of uniform thickness and width.

Dispobaño Plus Compact

A thicker fibre sponge with compact packaging.

Dispobaño Plus

A denser sponge for gentler hygiene.

Dispobaño Aloe Vera

Soap with aloe vera that moisturizes and softens the skin.


For basic hygene

Dispobaño Maxi

Our thicker fibre sponge.


A thicker sponge impregnated in soap with more moisturizing properties.

Foam sponges

Polyurethane foam of a suitable density for a soft and pleasant touch to the skin; the soap is released more slowly for a more sumptuous and softer foam.

Disposin One Plus

Larger, soap-free foam sponge; Individually packaged.

Dispofoam One Plus

A thicker, larger foam sponge; individually packaged.

Dispofoam One Aloe Vera

Soap with aloe vera that provides the skin with moisture and softness; Individually packaged.

Dispofoam one
Dispofoam One

An individually packaged foam sponge.

Dispofoam Aloe Vera

Soap with aloe vera that moisturizes and softens the skin.


A softer PU foam sponge.

Disposin One

A foam sponge without soap; individually packaged.

Wash mitts

Dry wash mitts impregnated with dry soap for hygiene when moistened with water for those who are bedridden or have reduced mobility. Anatomically shaped for easier use. Made of non-woven polyester fibre fabric which is resistant and soft on the skin.

Disposin Glove Wash

A lightweight polyester wash fiber mitt without soap.

Disposin Glove Plus

An anatomical soft fibre wash mitt without soap.

Dispoglove Wash

Wash mitt made of lightweight polyester fibre impregnated with soapy lotion.

Dispoglove Protect

Soap wash mitt indicated to avoid contamination.

Dispoglove Plus

Anatomical soft fibre soap wash mitt on both sides

Dispoglove Aloe Vera

Soap with aloe vera for moisturized, soft skin.


Anatomical soap wash mitt.

Disposin Glove Wash Protect

Lightweight polyester fiber wash mitt without soap; prevent contamination.

Wet wash mitts

Wet wash mitts with soap-free lotion to wash people with reduced mobility; no need for water or rinsing.

Dispowipe Aloe

Wet wash wipe without soap; no need for water or rinsing


Wet mitten without soap, no need for water or rinsing

Cosmetic Liquids

Cosmetics for complete body hygiene, three products to cleanse, moisturize and perfume the most delicate skins.

Hydroalcoholic sanitizer gel

Hydroalcoholic gel

Dispobaño Shampoo-gel

1000 ml bottle of shampoo-gel.

Dispobaño eau de cologne

1000 ml bottle of eau de cologne.

Dispobaño Body Milk

1000 ml bottle of body milk.

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