Medical Devices

We have added a range of products to our catalogue to meet the demands of our customers in the hospital and residential healthcare sectors.


Disposable syringes are non-bacterial, nontoxic and non-pyrogenic after ethylene oxide sterilization. Easy to use, all  material is latex, PVC and phthalate free.

Infusion sets

Disposable infusion sets are non-bacterial, nontoxic and non-pyrogenic after ethylene oxide sterilization.  All material is latex-free and phthalate-free.

Examination gloves

Disposable examination gloves have been certified as personal protective equipment against chemical, mechanical and microbiological hazards and are suitable for food handling.

Nitrile Gloves Blue Plus

Powder free - AQL 1.5

Vinyl Gloves

Powder free - AQL 1.5

Nitrile gloves

Powder free AQL 1.5

Latex Glove

Powder Free AQL 0.65

Disposable Bibs

Hygenic and disposable bibs for adults.

Disposable Bibs

Disposable single use

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