Disposable hygiene products for hospital patients and geriatric residents. They are also used in homes, sports centres, gyms and on trips. Used by professionals for more than 25 years.
Products developed for proper pre-surgery healthcare provider and patient disinfection.
Nursing care
Products developed to provide adequate functionality while maintaining maximum efficiency for healthcare providers and user comfort.
Healthcare product
Complementary medical devices have been added to our product range in order to meet our customers’ demands in the hospital and healthcare sectors.
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We improve your quality of life by looking after your loved ones.

CV Médica is a company that specializes in manufacturing single-use sanitary medical equipment.

We provide hygiene and antisepsis solutions for both healthcare system users and professionals. We offer complementary products for hospitals, nursing and geriatric care.

At CV Médica, we’re always thinking about patients and product end users. This allows us to continuously innovate and improve our products and manufacturing processes.




Nursing Care

Sanitary Products

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