Testicular suspensories

Suspension for male genital area in patients with epididymitis, hydrocele, varicocele, haematocele, spermatocele or local physiological alterations, among other diseases.


Genital bag: Cotton 100%

For post-surgical support in hernias and other operations.

Soft and fully Adjustable.



1. Check the dimensions of the bag to choose the necessary size.
2. Slip it up like a slip and lift it up to the waist and the bag will hold your genitals as comfortable as possible.
3. Slide the strap through the buckle until the jockstrap is securely fastened.
4. Separate the ribbons under the buttocks left and right, placing them in the groin area.
5. Cut the excess strap if desired.
Do not swallow.
Do not throw into the toilet.
Throw it in the rubbish.
Keep away from children.
Keep away from light.
Keep away from rain and moisture.


Reference Pcs./pack Pcs./carton Type Cartons/pallet
T1 (10,6×10 cm) Ref:1070811 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T10 (17,75×15,75 cm) Ref:1070820 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T11 (18,5×16,75 cm) Ref:1070821 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T12 (19,5×17,25 cm) Ref:1070822 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T13 (20,5×17,75 cm) Ref:1070823 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T14 (21,5×18,75 cm) Ref:1070824 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T2 (11,25×10,5 cm) Ref:1070812 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T3 (12X11 cm) Ref:1070813 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T4 (12,75×11,5 cm) Ref:1070814 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T5 (13,75×12 cm) Ref:1070815 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T6 (14,5×13 cm) Ref:1070816 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T7 (15×13,5 cm) Ref:1070817 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T8 (15,75×14,5 cm) Ref:1070818 1 10 Carton 24xLayer
T9 (16,5×15 cm) Ref:1070819 1 10 Carton 24xLayer

Nursing care



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