Anti-bedsore mattress

The mattress is used to prevent bedsores on patients who have to stay in a bed or on an operating table for a long time.

200x84 cm

Silicone polyester fiber

Avoid the appearance of bedsores on patients who are bedridden for long periods of time.

Silicone polyester fibre filler is designed to achieve three basic objectives:
– Immediate fibre recovery and reaction to any pressure applied to them, to optimal weight distribution.
– The low weight makes its use and transfer very manageable.
– The set of fibres provides constant ventilation, avoiding the accumulation and absorption of moisture.
This mattress can support a weight of up to 120 kg and the scale of protection is moderate.


Reduced mobility
For general use

Remove the mattress from the bag and always grasp it from the side.
Put the waterproof cover on the mattress.
Place the dotted mattress on the bed.
Do not throw into the toilet.
Throw it in the rubbish.
Keep away from light.
Keep away from rain and moisture.


Reference Pcs./pack Pcs./carton Type Cartons/pallet
Cotton dotted mattress (84×200 cm) Ref: 5022105 1 1 Bolsa
Cotton tubular mattress (84×200 cm) Ref: 5022107 1 1 Bolsa
waterproof breathable cover Ref: 5022205 1 1 Bolsa

Nursing care



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