Abdominal Support Belt

The support belt is designed as an alternative to the traditional patient support vest in bed- or chair-type structures.
Device intended exclusively for abdominal positioning. Do not apply to any other part of the body.
To keep a patient in a sitting position in a chair or bed and prevent possible falls or slips.



Patient restraint


For general use

1. Place the belt over the patient's abdomen. The large model incorporates a velcro fastening system, so the abdominal belt can be fastened to the patient’s lower back.
2. Cross the strips over the lumbar area.
3. Put the straps over the abdominal area, insert them through the respective side rings and make a safety knot. Take the straps back around to the back.
4. Tie to the back of the wheelchair.
Do not swallow.
Do not throw into the toilet.
Throw it in the rubbish.
Keep away from children.
Keep away from light.
Keep away from rain and moisture.


Reference Pcs./pack Pcs./carton Type Cartons/pallet
Large (115×17 cm) Ref:1070150 1 12 Carton 72/108
Small (70×17 cm) Ref:1070100 1 12 Box 72/108

Nursing care



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