A 25×17 cm anatomical wash mitt made of non-woven polyester fibre fabric impregnated with soap-free lotion for personal hygiene.
No need for water or rinsing.


Soap free lotion

Body hygiene

Ready to use.
Safe for sensitive skin.
Less time required for hygiene compared to sponge baths.
Paraben-free, latex-free and fragrance-free.

*Glowet Protect: with waterproof polyethylene interior to protect the user.


Reduced mobility
For general use

Pull on the top label to open the package.
Pull each unit just before using it.
Use each unit for a different area of the body, covering the entire surface to be cleaned with all units.
Smoothly rub over the skin and make sure that the whole area is moistened.
Leave it on for effectiveness without forcing the drying process. Bactericidal (5 min.) and fungicide (15 min.)
Discard each wash mitt after use.
Do not swallow.
Do not throw into the toilet.
Throw it in the rubbish.
Keep away from children.
Keep away from light.
Keep away from rain and moisture.


Reference Pcs./pack Pcs./carton Type Cartons/pallet
410 8 288 Box 40


Wet mittens

Polyester fibre

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