Extra Fastening Vest

The extra fastening vest is for the comfortably and securely attaching a patient’s torso to bed or chair-like structures.
Made of light, breathable and very resistant material.
It has two rear straps to secure the vest to the patient and four straps secure the patient to the frame in different ways.





Reduced mobility
For general use

1. After choosing the appropriate size, put the vest on the patient. Remember that the opening should be in front.
2. Cross the vest at the front and pass the right hand strap through the left slot.
3. Follow the same procedure on the back. Pass the right strap through the left slot.
4. Knot the straps between themselves, both on the right side as the left side. So that the vest was adjusted to the body.
5. Tie the ribbons at the neck and make sure that the vest is positioned correctly.
6. There are 3 types of fastening depending on how the 4 ribbons are tied.
Do not swallow.
Do not throw into the toilet.
Throw it in the rubbish.
Keep away from children.
Keep away from light.
Keep away from rain and moisture.


Reference Pcs./pack Pcs./carton Type Cartons/pallet
Large Ref:1015510 1 10 Carton 72
Small Ref:1015500 1 10 Carton 72

Nursing care



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