Soapy wadding sponge, hygienic, for sanitary use and disposable, ready to use. Frees all its hygienic properties just by getting in contact with a few drops of water.
Specially designed for sensitive skin care by moisturizing and softening properties of gel pH 5.5.
DISPOBAÑO® with its SINGLE USE concept, eliminates radically any possibility of infection spread, whilst provides an effective hygiene in a convenient and safe way for the patient.
There is enough cleansing gel to completely wash an adult.
DISPOBAÑO® PLUS: Thicker version.

(20 x 12 cm) COMPRESSED. 100 g/m²
Ref. number 0100
24 uts/pack

(20 x 12 cm) COMPRESSED. 150 g/m²
Ref. number 0102
20 uts/pack

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